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Photography is a way that I am able to experience the moment, suspend time and connect with the life surrounding us. Each of my images is the result of patient hours spent in the field – exploring, learning, feeling, and seeing. Occasionally everything aligns and I get to bring home meaningful images, but regardless of my photographic success I enjoy every minute of the outdoor exploration.

My art has always been a means of conveying my love for nature and beauty. One of the biggest draws for me to express this through photographs, is that it means they are in fact real events that I experienced in real places. I am striving to capture the unique beauty and character of some of those moments.

I strive to make my photographs honest to the original scene, with modest adjustments for aesthetic considerations. I never add or remove significant elements. With my photos I hope to create an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place that exists not just in my imagination, but in the world right outside our door.